What is the Strategy Model?

It is a supported system that allows enterprises to develop and implement their own business strategy for the future.

The gold model includes the seven online stages and printed strategic plan to follow and implement.

Who is it for?

Start-ups, micro and small to medium size businesses, who are struggling to strategise.


It provides a structured process in order to lift leaders outside of the everyday business in order to plan for the future.

It gives you a clear and defined business strategy to articulate and implement.

It allows you to implement a clear strategy whilst understanding strategic risk, talent requirements, values and culture.

It provides you with a coherent plan that can be easily communicated throughout the organisation or implemented by an individual.

It can deliver rapid, sustainable growth with the right infrastructure, allowing your business to identify its current position and desired future position and create a clear road map between them.

How it works

You will be given access to the seven-stage online process. The modules are as follows:

Consider your current business and its environment.

Define your Purpose - Why are you in business, what does your business have to provide. Define your Culture and Values.

Define your Vision – 5 to 10 years where you want the business to be. Examine your own leadership styles and type of organisation.

Define your Mission and Plan – up to 2 years, outcomes wanted from the business.

Talent Management - match your people to their roles, ensuring top performers are in most critical roles, retain your talent.

Identify Risks – what or who will prevent you from achieving this.

Priorities - Define 3 Business Priorities, these can change as often as you can communicate them across the whole business.

The process is undertaken at your own pace, online through your own individual log in. It concludes with the basis for a strategic business plan, which can also be used to evidence your plans when seeking funding or investment.

Throughout the process your work will culminate in a printed strategic plan, which is easy to implement and amend.

Time taken to complete the process depends entirely on individual circumstances. Usually a business that breaks the process down into 2 -3 hour work sessions will take a total of between 8 – 14 hours.

Additional workbooks can be purchased at £25.00 plus VAT per item.