i3 Role Profile for Recruitment

Improve both your internal and external recruitment process with the support i3 Profile for Recruitment, helping you to identify natural ability and the right talent from your existing employees and potential candidate pool against the specific requirements of each role.

Widely used by HR professionals, line management, business owners and Recruiters these reports are specifically designed to enhance a professional recruitment & selection process by adding a new dimension, in conjunction with CV review, interviews, skill based assessments, referencing & possible work-based trials.

I3 Profile for Recruitment is simply a one-page recruitment report in conjunction with a one-page summary of your role profile.

An i3 Profile for Recruitment report gives you another angle by which to view and match the potential candidates applying for a specific vacancy. From completing our online i3 assessment a recruitment report can be generated which gives employers an objective insight into the instinctive and natural strengths and behaviours of potential candidates prior to interview and appointment.

The i3 role profile is carried out by you, the employer and should take no longer than 10 minutes for each role you are recruiting. Our report will translate your specific requirements in terms of competencies into i3 language and display, providing you with additional information within the matching process.

Examples of an i3 Profile for Recruitment and i3 role profile reports can be viewed below.

Reports are available in two levels-

Management level: any role or candidate who will be responsible for the management of others or anyone who has people reporting to them

General level: any role or candidate without the responsibility of managing others.

To create your i3 Profile for Recruitment, simply purchase your reports via the bundles below.

You must purchase an i3 Role Profile for Recruitment and then you can buy as many individual reports that will be required to match your role.

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