Business Profiles by Sampsonhall

I3 profiling is a tool derived from the post-apartheid era in South Africa. It is an amazing tool that considers two aspects of an individual so increasing understanding from three different aspects: as an individual, as a leader and as a team member.

I3 does not characterise or box an individual it is about individual uniqueness hence scores are non- comparable and descriptions that can become predictive in terms of behaviour and personality types are avoided.

It is a great tool because it is based on preference and not competence. What it does is look at which preferences drive subconscious behaviour i.e. how you are likely to behave if you don’t think about it.  What it certainly is not is a disempowering tool as some are. You can do any of the traits it is just the depth of cognisance required to do it that changes. This means no one is ever found out by i3 it just empowers people to understand themselves and others better.

The advantages of using i3 as a psychometric test as an individual is it allows you to better understand yourself and gives you permission to be different from others. It also allows you to choose your career path to better suit yourself intelligently and it certainly stops you from career failures. It is also a great tool in personal relationships as it allows couples to better understand each other and why they think and behave differently.

But where we have used it to best effect is either with dysfunctional senior teams or when team building as it is a great too to use to celebrate diversity a key component of successful teams. It allows tensions and potential collaborations to be pre-empted and utilised, It allows strengths of individuals to be allocated appropriately to particular roles. It allows better motivation and communication within a team. It also allows leaders to identify and consciously cover gaps within a team.

One of the best and most intuitive yet simple tools I have used it is a real force multiplier when used both in an individual and team environment.