Jordan Speith Unravels

Golf is great if you are winning The Masters for the second time and ranked as the world’s number two golfer. It’s the fourth day the wind has settled and the sun is shining, and the course you are playing on is Augusta, one of the greatest courses in the world.  That is until the… Read More

It’s not all about you! Or is it?

We all have experiences which help forge the sort of leaders we become. One of mine came early in my first CEO role as Director of an International charity. I left the public sector to take on this role which back in the 90’s was still a place of stable, if sometimes stagnant, job security…. Read More

Have you got Eddie’s 7 traits to win?

So what are Eddie’s 7 traits to win? We all know that a positive mental attitude and a determination to succeed are essentials in sport but how does that work in business? Here are two sporting examples: Trevor Bayliss transformed the national cricket side from slow and stodgy and beaten by the West Indies into… Read More

How do you stop your top employees from leaving?

The relationship between employees and employer changes and often the employee comes to the point of “do I stay or do I go”. Even an amazing employee, who works hard, follows up on issues to resolve them, works diligently with other teams to fix the issues so they do not happen again, and who mentors… Read More

Why i3 profiling works so well

I3 profiling is a tool derived from the post-apartheid era in South Africa. It is an amazing tool that considers two aspects of an individual so increasing understanding from three different aspects: as an individual, as a leader and as a team member. I3 does not characterise or box an individual it is about individual… Read More

Sir Clive Woodward’s DNA of a Champion

Sampson Hall and Sir Clive Woodward have produced a test to measure mental toughness, an essential ingredient for becoming a champion at whatever you want to do. It is appropriate for use in Business, Sport and Education.  So why is understanding mental toughness so important? Goal setting and achievement Someone who is mentally tough sets… Read More