Business Profiles has been created to provide an online platform, featuring a range of specialist tools, aimed at individuals, teams and organisations, who are looking to discover and achieve their true potential and seize opportunities.

We work with SME’s and international corporations in developing their organisation’s capabilities, from leadership through culture to strategy we deliver bespoke packages designed to match the organisation’s needs.

Our amazing metrics and tools allow us to get to the route of any issue and to measure the progress made with any of our interventions. From our Gordian Model to our DNA of a Champion model and i3 profile model we have a capability to identify opportunities within an organisation and our psychometric tests and strategy process allow an organisation to exploit those opportunities fully.

We work with corporations on first line leadership all the way to international board leadership. Many organisations use us time and again to deliver specific packages in different countries. We assist in building new teams, developing organisational leadership, changing organisational culture and developing organisational strategy.

We work within an organisation to ensure that what we do is relevant, specific and needed and we stay with that organisation through implementation until the project is complete.

Improving productivity, profit & performance

We are experts in leadership development, strategy and team cohesion.

We make people, organisations and businesses more successful, competitive and efficient by applying our unique experience and knowledge in partnership with you to create and deliver bespoke solutions for your business needs.

We only work with organisations and individuals who are ambitious and who desire to see real change. We see ourselves as servants of an organisation and are very honest and ethical in all that we do. We succeed by simplifying complex issues and delivering clarity within an organisation through consultation to delivery into the work place.

Below are some clients we currently work with:

The Business Profiles tools are proven and practical. They help you spot growth potential, recruit better talent, develop your strengths, and grow mental toughness in your team.

Use one tool or the complete suite, for yourself, selected individuals or your entire organisation.

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