Understand what you are today to gain the ability to understand and shape what you will be tomorrow.

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If you would like to understand more about developing your Mental Toughness and read about why Mental Toughness is so important in today's world.

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DNA of a Champion Model

Based on Sir Clive Woodward's Rugby World Cup-winning strategy, this model determines mental toughness, allowing you to understand your own or your team's resilience, hardiness and true future potential.

Talent identification and retention is key to success in business, sport or education.

Do you want to know your capability for future success or do you want to know how to identify who your future leaders are? The DNA of A Champion Model will do just that.

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i3 Profile

Achieve better business results through better team communication, cohesion and leadership.

i3 is psychometric testing with a difference. Instead of trying to fit people into pre-ordained categories, i3 puts the focus on individual uniqueness. It is perfect for supporting individual self development, building great teams and providing cost-effective recruitment.

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Gordian Model

Be clear on how good (or not) your organisation is and unveil the simple and often hidden opportunities for improvement. A brilliant model for businesses that want to fully exploit their position to out-perform competitors.

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Strategy Model

Struggling with your strategy? The Strategy Model is a supported online system that allows small and medium size enterprises to develop and implement their own successful business strategy.

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